CANN BV offers the very best solutions for harvesting hemp. CANN stands for Crop Ability North Netherlands and can rightly refer to itself as a specialist in the niche market of hemp harvesting technologies. Starting back in 2013, we combined our skills to create the best Hemp Harvesting Solutions. Our Hemp Harvesting equipment is created through a cooperation between HempFlax and GroeNoord. HempFlax has more than 25 years of experience with hemp and is a genuine specialist in cultivation and processing. GroeNoord, on the other hand, covers the technical, production and commercial elements.


Solutions for hemp harvest

We provide solutions for hemp harvester attachments. Using our technology, we are able to separate the three elements of the hemp plant – stalks, seed and the flower/leaf. The quality of raw materials is always the basis upon which we work and this starts in the field. We offer different types of machine: the DoubleCut and the SingleCut versions.

Cultivation knowledge

Sharing growing experience and knowledge

The many years of experience we have, along with the expertise with respect to the hemp plant, is something we would like to share in the niche market of hemp growing. This is in order to collectively improve the quality of hemp plants and raise professionalism within the hemp world.



Prototype fibre harvester

In 2021 CANN have developed a fibre hemp harvester based on the John Deere SPFH 8000 series. At the end of August, the machine was able to harvest its first hectares on some fields of our partner HempFlax. The first results looks promising and provides a good base for further development of the machine.



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