About CANN

CANN BV offers the very best solutions for harvesting hemp. CANN stands for Crop Ability North Netherlands and can rightly refer to itself as a specialist in the niche market of hemp harvesting technologies. Starting back in 2013, when GroeNoord and HempFlax began a cooperation together. Since then the two companies have continued to innovate and to focus on developing more solutions for harvesting hemp under the company name CANN.


CANN began with a partnership between GroeNood and HempFlax. This partnership is still reflected in the structure and corporate culture of our company CANN BV. GroeNoord and HempFlax join together and combine different strengths to create the best hemp harvesting solutions to add value to the market, and to help create a greener future. With more than 25 years of hemp experience HempFlax has come together with GroeNoord’s technical skills to form a partnership that perfectly complements each other.

The first prototype was built in 2014. Since then we have continued to innovate, develop and test this machine concept to achieve a reliable machine. The proven technology delivers high-quality outputs that can be widely marketed. We believe in this technology and in the fact that it will add value to a more sustainable world. The fact that it contributes to the quality and development of the global hemp market.

Establishment of cooperation between GroeNoord and HempFlax

CANN BV is the outcome of the cooperation between GroeNoord and HempFlax. This cooperation was established in 2013. HempFlax was searching for an efficient way to harvest and separate the whole crop in one pass. After contacting with GroeNoord about this question, GroeNoord brought the engineering and manufacturing qualities to the table and developed a concept that included more efficient and smarter technologies.

Because of the joint potential they found in the hemp plant and follow the growing hemp market, added to the powerful addition of the machine concept, it has been set out the desire for cooperation and trust in each other. HempFlax and GroeNoord have now become partners.
The basis of this cooperation is to take hemp cultivation worldwide to a higher level, working on the conviction that quality starts in the field and not in the factory.

CANN stands for joining forces of a common, higher purpose and vision. It is a company with a huge amount of broad knowledge and experience in hemp cultivation and technology. Each partner has its own strengths and specialist areas that complement each other extremely well.

Strength of GroeNoord

GroeNoord is agricultural technology supplier located in the north and east of the Netherlands. GroeNoord is  John Deere dealer and supplies, advises and provides maintenance and servicing for the brand John Deere and other premium brands in the Agriculture and Garden & Park sectors. GroeNoord follow on both markets the quick changes of the machinery and techniques. This gave challenges for GroeNoord to respond to  and to continuously develop and innovate. In this area GroeNoord continues to specialise for a better support to their customers and provide added value.

The Research & Development department and the CANN production line are based at the outlet Oldehove. This is where the full DoubleCut concept was developed on technical and production level. The location is specialised in new techniques, transforming every “problem” into a challenge by developing customer-oriented solutions.

Strength of HempFlax

HempFlax has over 25 years of experience in growing and processing hemp. The cultivation takes place in the Netherlands, Germany and Romania. Each year, HempFlax grows about 2,800 ha of hemp. The raw materials areis processed in their own factories, which are located in Oude Pekela (the Netherlands) and Alba Iulia (Romania) In Germany there is an insulation factory. . HempFlax works continuously on product devlopment and innovation for the industrial hemp. HempFlaxs many years of experience mean they know exactly how to guarantee quality, being fully aware that it starts in the field and not in the factory.