Industrial hemp farming

Growing hemp: essential practices for success

Hemp is a relatively low-maintenance crop, but following some key agricultural practices is crucial for a successful harvest. These are general guidelines, and adjustments may be necessary based on your specific location and intended use of the plant.

Site selection: foundation for a strong crop

Site selection is an important step before you start to plant hemp. While known for improving soil structure, hemp also requires a good foundation. Disturbing soil layers can hinder root development, which makes them more vulnerable to drought. Although hemp tolerates dry periods, it dislikes excess water. Well-drained soils with a pH of 6.0 to 7.5 are ideal.

Nutrient management: feeding for optimal growth

Consider applying manure, or a combination of manure and fertilizer, before sowing. A general guideline is 110–80–140 NPK. To determine precise nutrient levels, take soil samples at various depths (e.g., 30 and 60 cm).

Planting: basics for a productive stand

The hemp seeds need to be planted in the spring (in Europe around April or May) in a finely prepared top layer, similar to the preparation for sugar beets. For most industrial uses, a planting density of 100–120 plants per square meter is sufficient.

Weed Control: Ensuring a Clean Start

Ensure the soil is free of weeds and previous crop residue before planting. Grass-used land may require extra attention, as sods decompose slowly and can harbor wireworms. With proper preparation and favorable weather conditions, hemp is a relatively low-maintenance crop to cultivate.

Harvesting: The first step of processing

Hemp is typically harvested in the period from August to October, when the plants are three to four meters high. For industrial processing with a breaker mill system, a cutting length of 60 cm is perfect for an optimal flow into the processing line. The strength of the plant has an effect on the machinery; a sharp cutting knife gives a cleaner cut, which makes it easier to process. Ensure all harvesting equipment is in top condition to avoid breakdowns during the busy season.

Customizing your hemp cultivation plan

If you require a personalized plan for your farm, we at HempFlax are happy to collaborate with our cultivation specialists to provide tailored advice. Please get in touch for the conditions.