CANN provides Hemp Harvesting Solutions for harvesting every part of the industrial hemp plant all over the world. Using high-quality methods to harvest your hemp allows you to create an increase in value in the harvested products in the field. Our high-quality equipment is prepared on this due the years of experience in growing and harvesting hemp. A combination of CANN's knowledge and our experience with John Deere's high-quality harvesting machines has resulted in innovative and reliable products. Quality starts in the field.

The basics of our current product line is the DoubleCut combine harvester. This development started more than 10 years ago with the John Deere W and T Series combine harvester. With many hours of use and further development of the prototypes we can now definitely offer reliable products in our product range today.

Ensuring quality and results

In order to generate and guarantee high quality outputs within the often short period of time the hemp harvest takes place, the following three points remain particularly important and form the basis for the ongoing testing of our machines:

  • Quality
    Do all product flows exit the machine in high quality and are the outputs undamaged? Can the high level of quality of the end product be guaranteed at all times without the need to make concessions?
  • Safety
    Can the safety of the driver and other people involved in the harvesting process be guaranteed at all times? Making concessions on safety is absolutely a no-go for us.
  • Efficiency
    Can we strive to achieve high capacity levels and efficiency without compromising on quality and safety?

Wide product range

We offer a very wide product range for hemp cultivation. No matter where in the world you’re working on your project, we can provide an appropriate harvest solution that suits with your needs and requirements. Regardless of the variety and cultivation purpose, we are confident that we will be able to offer you a solution. Perhaps you have questions about choosing varieties or the cultivation process? We can share our knowledge with you. CANN is able to draw on hemp cultivation and processing knowledge that has been acquired over more than 30 years.


Using the DC4510 DoubleCut module in combination with the TFT10 Leaf collection trailer, it’s possible to achieve the high-quality separation of all three elements of the hemp plant in just one work phase. This lays the foundations for high quality end products in the field. The DoubleCut combine harvests seed, biomass and fibre in one single work pass. The 4.5 metre working width creates the optimum swath for the dew retting process in the field. At this point, the fibre can then be raked and pressed efficiently and to the highest quality standards. Working under ideal circumstances, it’s possible to achieve a maximum capacity of about 2.5 hectares per hour (this does, however, entirely depend on the yield and harvesting conditions).

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Harvesting the tops. If you only wish to cultivate seed and possibly biomass, the SingleCut module is what you need. By cutting the tops at the correct height in the crop and undertaking a high-quality threshing process, you can get the most out of your hemp crop. If you also use the TFT10 Leaf collection trailer, it’s possible to collect the leaf without compromising on quality. Should you decide to switch to the whole plant harvesting, you can add the components of the DC4510 DoubleCut module for turning the machine into the DoubleCut combine harvester.

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Harvesting the stalks for fibre. This is the ultimate machine for full capacity, quality harvesting of fibre. In the shortest possible time do as much as possible without compromising on quality. The 4.5 or 6 metre working width creates the optimum swath for the dew retting process in the field. At this point, the fibre van be pressed on efficiently and on the highest quality way.

The custom attachment is based on the experience and key points of our DoubleCut system. The Kemper header has several modifications to avoid wrapping and jamming of hemp stalk. And the original cutterhead frame is replaced by a custom frame and drum, which offers a longer cutting length of up to 50 cm. The custom frame also gives a higher product flow which leads to a high performance while maintaining a high quality swath for raking and baling. One big advantage of the system is that the machine can be build back within one working day to its original usage, by replacing the complete cutter head frame.

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CANN TFT10 Trailer

With the TFT10 trailer the DoubleCut combine harvester is fully equipped to make the complete value of the entire hemp plant. The TFT10 is connected to the John Deere combine harvester and is driven by the hydraulic system of the combine, for this an extra hydraulic pump is mounted on the combine. As standard the trailer is equipped with a weighing system, so the contents can be read from inside the cabin. The trailer is also equipped with a dual camera system to monitor the trailer contents and to view the area behind the combine while reversing.

The leaf collection function of the TFT10 Trailer means there is no need for an additional combination and driver during the harvesting process. You no longer need to drive a collection wagon alongside the combine during harvesting. This method of collection also results in a high-quality product: the blade remains undamaged and doesn’t touch the ground, so the product does not become contaminated. The wide unloading belt can then be used to easily unload the product into a container or other ready-to-use transport solution.

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