Industrial Hemp Plant

We are also here to help you after the purchase of your CANN machine(s). We will help you to get the most out of your machine. Since changing weather conditions and increase of harvest hectares in particular are placing you under greater pressure, we want to work with you to make sure you can take advantage of the beautiful days and enjoy a worry-free hemp harvest.

Our CANN machines have been the subject of ongoing development and have been running in the field for more than 10 years. We developed them on the basis of practical experience together with HempFlax. This is reflected in the ease of use and the quality of the different product flows. We believe that quality starts in the field. With over 25 years of knowledge and experience accumulated by HempFlax in the cultivation of hemp, this benefit can also be applied to your own practical situation.

We have also joined the John Deere partnering group with CANN. This means we have support from John Deere to help ensure that the development allows the machines to be improved to an even higher level.


The development of the machine is based on John Deere's high quality standard. We know that you want to make maximum use of the DoubleCut's capacity during the harvest period. If there is an unexpected problem with the machine, the strong John Deere dealer network will take care and is ready for you. The advantage of this is that original John Deere equipment will be used in the development whenever possible.

We are happy to advise you and your dealer on which critical parts fall outside of the John Deere supply programme so that everything is clear for both sides.


CANN is pleased to provide you with support. On one hand to get the most out of your machine while and on the other hand your cultivation and optimize your harvest. CANN works closely together with your local John Deere dealer and have his own hemp specialists to offer you the best support.

Delivery and conversion of machinery

Depending on what you prefer, the combine can be converted on location or in the factory in Oldehove. CANN has drawn up some detailed instructions that you or your dealer can follow to easily convert the combine. If you have any questions, CANN in Oldehove are able to help. By using a checklist, it’s possible to guarantee quality and functionality.

Rebuilding the original combine

The combine needs to be as high as possible deployability. This is one fact it should be easy to rebuild the combine to its original functionality. By using minimal resources the combine is ready for its next job within a working day. We will also provide you with clear instructions for this so that you can easily carry out the conversion yourself.

Starting up

By purchase a DoubleCut combine you get a field commissioning process under the guidance of an experienced CANN specialist. Attention is also to the daily service points required to keep the machine in top condition. This is how we can ensure that you make use of the maximum potential of the machine.

Driver training

We train experts to provide professional driver training. This is not only the case when a new machine is delivered; CANN is also able to provide refresher courses and tips during every season. After all, we also want to see your CANN machine being used to its optimum capacity for 100% performance.

Cultivation knowledge

From the moment you purchase the machine, we want to see your entire hemp project become a success. When purchasing a CANN machine we will provide you with knowledge sharing for the first growing season so that we can make sure our machines deliver exactly what you expect, guaranteeing high quality outputs and total plant valuation. After the first cultivation season there is an option of a follow-up on the knowledge sharing.

Service and maintenance

CANN works together with your local John Deere dealer to provide you with the best support and assistance with your machine, including minimal downtime and parts supply.


When your harvester is not being used, this is the perfect time to make sure that it is ready for the next harvest. Your local John Deere dealer will take good care of your harvester. We ensure that your dealer is also properly trained so that they can service your DoubleCut combine. With dealer maintenance, you are taking maximum care of your machine, which can reduce downtime during the season to a minimum.


In the unlikely event that there are defects with your harvester, we and your John Deere dealer will be there to help you. Most importantly, we will work together to ensure that you can get on with your harvest as quickly as possible. Once you are back up and running, we will settle the warranty claim with your dealer. CANN offers a one-year guarantee after delivery.