Prototype fibre harvester

In 2021 CANN have developed a fibre hemp harvester based on the John Deere SPFH 8000 series. At the end of August, the machine was able to harvest its first hectares on some fields of our partner HempFlax. The first results looks promising and  provides a good base for further development of the machine.

The custom attachment is based on the experience and basics of our DoubleCut system. The Kemper header has several modifications to avoid wrapping and jamming of hemp stalk. And the original cutterhead frame is replaced by a custom frame and drum which offers a longer cutting length up to 50 cm. The custom frame also gives a higher product flow which leads to a high performance while maintaining a high quality swath for raking. Big advantage of the system is that the machine can be build back within a working day to the original usage, the complete cutter head frame will be replaced.

More information

Main specifications:

Operating width: 4,5 metres.
Operation speed: up to 13 km per hour.
Capacity: up to 5 ha per hour.
Variable cutting length: 40 to 50 cm.

A special thank goes out to contractor Stevens from Wildervank. Their experienced employees operated the machine during the test days and provided us with valuable feedback. We are excited with interest shown so far and look forward to production of the first series in 2022.